Atlanta PPD 2017 Schedule & Reminders

We are quickly approaching our event, and we are looking forward to a wonderful day!  The weather looks like it is going to be beautiful and we have a schedule filled with fantastic folks who are prepared to provide entertainment, teach classes, lead discussions, host activities, and offer a harvest ritual. We also have a full offering of vendors and informational tables both in the front lot and inside of the building, and we have an inside room dedicated to Divination and Reader Tables.

A few important things to remember:

*Please remember your cans – one of our main goals of the day is collect food for the Atlanta food bank.  Admission is free but if you are able, bring what you can to donate to the food bank.

*Pets – Please leave your pets at home

*Parking – Please park across the tracks at the Thankful Baptist Church if you are at all able.  It is about a one block walk to the event from the parking (Make sure to walk safely and remember to cross at crosswalks (Trains do use the tracks).  Do not attempt to pull into the lot, we will have booths blocking the lot.  Other good options are MARTA, Uber, Lyft, biking, carpooling etc.  Otherwise, if at all possible, park in the Thankful Baptist Church parking lot.  If you have mobility issues, please let our lot attendant or our police officer know at the back of the lot (marked in blue) and we can let you in the back of the lot if there are still handicap spots available.  If you park in the neighborhood, please observe all parking laws and signs.

*Make sure to check in at the welcome booth – Marked with a * – There is no admission, and all are welcome, but we need to have an accurate count.  Make sure to get an armband 🙂

* Issues – If you notice any issues, please let us know and, if possible, help us out by working to problem solve.

* Photos – Make sure to be respectful of people’s wish to not be photographed or filmed. Ask before taking someone’s picture

*Food and Drinks – Are located inside the building, as are Restrooms

*Requests for Quiet Spaces – Please be respectful of all presenters and performers by not making excessive noise during rituals, classes, or performances.  Please silence your phone when in the entertainment room, classroom, or ritual.  If you must have a full volume conversation or answer your phone, please step out of the are to do so.

*Have Fun – We hope you have a great time.

Blessings, Lady Arden









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