Hello Atlanta area pagans!  This year’s event will be on Saturday, October 20th, 2018.  We will be returning to the Friend’s Meeting, so please make carpooling plans early :-D.  Information will be posted as soon as it is available.  Rule of thumb is that if it is not posted, I don’t have it available.

Performers: We have two fantastic performers confirmed, Arthur Hinds and Spiral Rhythm!  Looking forward to their great music and energy!  We will post more as the information becomes available.

Vending: I know many are wanting information on vending.  I will be rolling out vending info in waves over the next couple of weeks.  However, please know that our vending space is limited and that we do run out of spaces.  Additionally, in an effort to host a more balanced event, and to preserve as many mobility needs parking spaces as possible, we will be cutting back slightly on the amount of vending slots available this year.  If you are wanting to find a way to get more involved with Pagan Pride, especially if you are not an experienced vendor, I would strongly suggest planning to get involved in another way such as volunteering to help on event day, or in putting in a proposal to lead a class, workshop, or craft activity.

Volunteering: We do have a need for volunteers!

Classes, Workshops, Discussion Panels, and Activities: We are looking for folks who want to share with their community.  If you have an idea of something you can teach or lead, I would like to know.  Be sure to get your idea together and I will be posting a proposal form on our main webpage (www.atlantapaganpride.org)


Lady Arden

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