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The Ravenwood Tradition – Informational Table, Presenter, & Sponsor

Since 1976, The House of Ravenwood has offered training for the next generation of Craft leaders. Our goal is to provide a safe, stable environment for students to learn about Traditional Craft. We believe a hands-on traditional approach to teaching that includes supporting the student based upon their individual journey.

The Ravenwood Tradition is represented by Ravenwood Church and Myst of the Wildwood in the Atlanta area.. Both groups will have representatives available at our booth

Stop by and see us for more information – or just to say HI.

House Of Ravenwood

The Unicorn Tradition – Food, Drinks – Vendor & Sponsor

Yummy munchies, sweets, Coke, and Bottled Water from the kitchen.

Unleash the Goddess – Vendor & Performer

Creative and fun jewelry, festival clothing, coloring books, scarves, and more.

Arthur Hinds – Vendor & Performer

Music and books by Arthur Hinds.  You can have your CD signed by the artist.

Silver Cauldron – Vendor & Performer

Pj’s booth 🙂

Owlkeyme Arts – Vendor, Presenter, & Performer

The Art of Laura Tempest Zakroff

Oracle 20/20 Magazine – Informational Table & Sponsor

A most interesting mix of articles, including information on: natural health and healing, astrology, ancient places of power and mystery, philosophy, hypnotherapy, personal freedom issues, shamanism, first person stories from our readers and more. If it defies thinking inside the box you will likely find it in Oracle 20/20 Magazine.

Stone Mountain Craft Works – Vendor

We sell our own Herbal tea blends, herbal tonics, resins, and combustibles. We make crystal pendants, wands, earrings, and medicine bags. We also sell crystals and minerals we source from our dealers all over the world.

Temperance Tarot – Reader

Tarot readings – Single card readings, 3 card readings, 9 card readings.

The Olde Ones – Vendor

Selection of wooden boxes, altar items , unique gifts, gemstones and crystals.

Creations of Earth and Fire – Vendor

Travel altars,  all natural skin care products,  aromatherapy books and aromatherapy products

Atlanta Shaman – Vendor

Intuitive feather readings-think tarot card reading with natural objects.  Spirit Arrows, Spirit Bowls, Urban driftwood- shamanic pieces made from wood, sinew, feathers, quartz and shale- used to focus energy and intentions.  Will also have wands and staffs available .

Wilde Autumn Apothecary – Vendor

Vegan body and wellness products with herbal magic.

Twin Ravens Studios – Vendor

Earthy, eclectic handmade jewelry. Electroformed, wire wrapped, or carved jewelry made from natural stone, wood, copper, glass and found items.

Penelope Summers Tarot – Reader

Penelope Summers is a Psychic Medium.  She has been a professional Reader for over 20 years.  Her background is in Reiki, Massage Therapy, Witchcraft and EFT.  She has studied with James Van Praagh.  During a reading, Penelope focuses on counseling spiritually, past lives, astrology and mediumship.

Belham Herbals – Vendor

We specialize in soap, bath & body, inspired by Nature and Mother Earth, with a focus on sustainable materials, small batches, earth-conscious packaging, eco-friendly formulations, cruelty-free practices, and locally sourced ingredients. All of our products are handcrafted with respect to the Earth.

The Broomsquire of Dewy Rose – Vendor

Handmade besoms, brooms & staffs

Gryphon’s Moon – Vendor

Gryphon’s Moon offers an extensive collection of Celtic and pagan jewelry, t-shirts, leather-bound journals, magical supplies, and more.

Noctua Designs – Vendor

Noctua Designs crafts artisan jewelry for your ritual & everyday wear. My jewelry incorporates my own lampworked glass beads & pendants, chainmaille in stainless steel/bronze/ anodized niobium,found & recycled objects, & metalforming to create unique designs. Customization & special orders welcome!

The Happy Empath LLC – Vendor

The Happy Empath specializes in jewelry, sculpture, home decor and ritual items to enhance your sacred space. Raised by a solitary eclectic Pagan mother in the Appalachian mountains my spirituality and connection to earth is my life. “I’m equal parts shield maiden, tree roots and glitter.”  Merry Meet! I’m Dani, the artist and energy worker behind every item here at The Happy Empath. As a Reiki Master and Intuitive Empath I’m inspired by the energies and beauty of the natural world. I’ve been creating art since I was a small child. Self taught and raised barefoot in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

ATL CRAFT – Vendor

Atlanta’s resource for the magically minded. Ran and owned by WITCH MAMA, ATL CRAFT provides classes, events, tools and resources for all magical practitioners no matter their background or pantheon.

Vor Forn Sidr – Vendor

Vor Forn Sidr is a Heathen Religious Nonprofit that strives to create community, educate, and promote the faith. We sell viking age replica jewelry, drinking horns, bath products, and various other things. The proceeds from the sale of these items are donated to VFS.

Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans – Informational Table

UUCG at 12 Bethesda Church Rd.  in Lawrenceville provides 5 or more activities per month including  Rituals, workshops, Spiritual Practices, potlucks, crafts, Spiral Scouts, and New Moon Women’s Circle.

Jaya’s Star Bazaar – Vendor

Authentic handmade Healing Crystal / Protective / Intention / Statement Jewelry, Home Decor, Pendulum and Finds.

Hannah-Fey & Backwoods Reverie – Vendor

Hannah-Fey’s Pagan Yard Sale – Miscellaneous items to delight your senses & adorn your home.
Backwoods Reverie – Hand-crafted staffs, wands & works of art.

Dove & Serpent O.T.O. – Vendor

Dove & Serpent Oasis is a local body of Ordo Templi Orientis operating in the Atlanta area. We offer monthly celebrations of The Gnostic Mass, initiation from 0° – III°, seasonal rituals, and a variety of classes and workshops of interest to practitioners of the Western and Oriental mysteries.

Carmanda Arts Things – Vendor

Connect to your inner storyteller with artwork inspired by folklore and shamanism, sprinkled with the occasional fox who eats pancakes.

Bee & Blossom Jewelry / Runedog Art – Vendor

Bee & Blossom Jewelry is handmade by a local shaman with crystals, gems & sterling; suitable for ritual or daily use, to bring magic and protection into your life. RUNEDOG ART features hand-printed shirts with Rune/Pagan/Dog artwork, and an art book of rune poems; “The Language of Secrets, Interpreting the Runes of the Elder Futhark in Verse” BeeAndBlossomJewelry/

Silver Willow Grove – Vendor

Silver Willow Grove is a Pagan community and coven based on the teachings of the Celtic Witchcraft Traditions. The mission of the Grove is to provide spiritual workshops and training, peace for the mind, body, and soul, and an uplifting community to all who seek knowledge and wisdom in the Old Ways.

WoodArt Creations – Vendor

WoodArt Creations are hand-crafted wooden pictures. No two are exactly alike. Pictures include animals, flowers, and still life. Developed for over 35 years these unique pieces of art are reflections of the beauty around the world and the mastery of woodworking.

Box of Shadows – Vendor

Welcome to Box of Shadows; a Wiccan influenced, spirituality subscription box. We deliver curated boxes of worship supplies, altar decor, craft tools, jewelry, and pagan related gifts fit for an eclectic path.

Matt’s Stuff, LLC – Vendor

Handcrafted Bath & Body Care Products

Grove of the Red Earth, ADF – Informational Table & Presenter

The Grove of the Red Earth, ADF is the local affiliate of Ar nDraiocht Fein (Our Own Druidry). We offer open-to-the-public ritual worship of the Gods of the ancient Indo-European cultures as well as Spirits of Nature and our Ancestors.

Tarot by Karen – Reader & Presenter

Tarot Readings

Berkano Hearth Union – Informational Table

Berkano Hearth Union is a community of pagans in Metro Atlanta that has members which represent several varieties of heathenry including Icelandic, Norse, Continental Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, Slavic, and Finnish. Each hearth practices their own variety of heathenry but come together to worship.

Rune Readings by Joseph – Reader

Runes are often used as tools for divination, their meanings being derived from the ancient rune poems. Your reading will take time. Runes are not Tarot; while the conclusions are often similar, Runes inform and guide in a different way.

The Enchanted Wild – Vendor

Giving everyone the chance to possess magic. Offering sparkling handmade faerie wings, wands, floral headpieces, art prints, photoshoot gift cards, and more. We would love to share some of our pixie dust with you!

Beyond the Willows – Reader

I started reading for family and friends a many years ago. I very much enjoy giving readings because I believe that is a gift that Spirit has given me. My Oracle readings is something that don’t sugar-coat and I always try to help people to the best of my abilities.

Mojo 4D Soul – Vendor

Functional Magical/Spiritually Themed Jewelry and Items: Aromatherapy Lava Stone Jewelry. Wire Wrap Rings and Pendants. Handcrafted Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry. Vintage and/or Unique Pieces. Kitchen Witch Dolls.

Circle of the Risen Phoenix – Vendor

We are a small Eclectic Wiccan coven in the foothills of Northwest Georgia. We offer tarot readings, hand-knit hats and scarves, as well as assorted handmade goods

SilverLeaf Hollow – Informational Table & Vendor

SilverLeaf Hollow is a contemporary Wiccan Coven. Our goal is to be a place where seekers can become trained practitioners of the Old Ways, while adapting their modern sensibilities to live a truly magickal life.

HeadCount – Informational Table

We are a national non-partisan voter rights organization promoting democracy through voter registrations and election information across the country.  HeadCount ATL will be signing people up for local election alerts and providing voter information at Atlanta Pagan Pride

Willow Dragonstone Community – Vendor

Willow Dragonstone Community offers artisan crafted items. Leather goods, handcrafted athames, ritual jewelry, spell crafting items & more diligently researched & assembled just for you! Come by & pick up that magical item you need or is calling you & support an open, progressive, diverse community.

White Witch Crafts – Vendor

A delightful and slightly odd mix of crowns, wands, headdresses, jewelry, bone artwork, ceremonial pieces, bottles, miniatures, cloaks and hats.

Charming Bear Gifts – Vendor

We sell unique handmade embossed leather journals in a variety of designs and colors. We also have a large assortment of singing bowls but metal and crystal. We also carry an assortment of pagan items that anyone would live to have.

Tiffany Toland-Scott Art – Vendor

Fantasy, gothic, and mythic art by local artist Tiffany Toland-Scott.

Waist Candy – Vendor

Waist beads are traditionally worn in Africa to mark rites of passage and transition into womanhood. They can be worn to protect feminine energy, attract or seduce a mate, weight loss & body contouring. However you choose to wear them, Waist Candy has some that will meet your intentions.

Our Father’s House, Our Mother’s Cabinets – Vendor

Readings and Reiki