This is a growing list, please check back for the schedule and additions as the event date gets closer.

The Wicca – Lady Morrigu of Ravenwood

An introductory class for beginners or those wanting information on the Craft focusing on the spiritual aspects of who we are, what we do and believe.

The Art of Sigil Witchery – Laura Tempest Zakroff

Sigils are magical symbols that are designed to influence ourselves and the world around us. Explore a
fresh, innovative and intuitive approach to crafting your own designs. Tracing through history, art, and
culture, we’ll look at the basic elements that make up all symbols, consider meanings, and see how to
safely and respectfully incorporate them into your own personal practice. Bring a writing implement
and notebook.

Traditional World Dance – Kira Lang of Spiral Rhythm

Traditional World Dance moves used by common people (not trained dance performers) you can use in your everyday spiritual practice, group energy raising, and for performance.

InterPlay – Jennifer Dodson

InterPlay is based in a series of incremental forms using movement, spoken word, and music that allow participants to express themselves and have fun. It’s a practice that affirms the good in people and encourages all ages to enjoy relaxing play and connections with people. Above all, InterPlay is fun! There’s no right or wrong way to do InterPlay, so you can’t do it wrong.

Magickal Cooking: Recipes for Healing – Silver Fire Panther

Recipes for Healing based on Hearth Craft.  This class talks about the different herb properties both magicakal and mundane.  We will be discussing the best herbs for digestion for upset stomachs, anxiety calming teas, and many other things.  Come with a note book to write down recipes and come have some fun learning about Hearth Craft and Kitchen Witchery.

Gardening for beginners -Amy Payson

Gardening for beginners with a focus on edible and medicinal herbs and a Q&A session for all skill levels.

Tarot Reversals – Karen Roman

When and How to Use Them

Meet the Druids