The Ravenwood Tradition – Informational Table

Since 1976, The House of Ravenwood has offered training for the next generation of Craft leaders. Our goal is to provide a safe, stable environment for students to learn about Traditional Craft. We believe a hands-on traditional approach to teaching that includes supporting the student based upon their individual journey.

The Ravenwood Tradition is represented by Ravenwood Church and Myst of the Wildwood in the Atlanta area.. Both groups will have representatives available at our booth

Stop by and see us for more information – or just to say HI.

House Of Ravenwood

The Unicorn Tradition – Food, Drinks, and Baked Goods

Yummy munchies, sweets, Coke, and Bottled Water from the kitchen.

Good Vibrations – Healing Booth

Receive a sound massage as crystal bowls are placed on your body and played. The deep resonance of the crystalline sound relaxes tense muscles and has a calming effect on the mind.
5 minute Tibetan Metal Bowl Treatment $10
10 minute Quartz Crystal Bowl Treatment $20

Belham Herbals – Vendor

We specialize in soap, bath & body, inspired by Nature, Mother Earth, spirituality, and mythology, with a focus on sustainable materials, small batches, recycled packaging, eco-friendly formulations, cruelty-free practices, and natural ingredients.

PlanetShelly – Vendor

A mix of nature, Pagan, Egyptian, Celtic, and fandom jewelry as well as self-published fantasy and science fiction novels.

Arthur Hinds – Vendor & performer

Arthur will have selections of his wonderful music and possibly some of his other bardic and lyrically wordsmithed creations.  Come by and get your music straight from the artist and get it signed while you are there 🙂

Unleash the Goddess – Vendor & Performer

Fun festival wear, unique jewelry, coloring books, and more.

My art is an expression of the spiritual exploration of myself and the universe around me. I embrace the Divine thru Goddess inspired energy and translate it into a vibrant, primitive outpouring. I enjoy using bold, bright colors that leap from the surface and grab your attention – then you can really look deep and see the layers of color and movement, some subtle and some quite obvious.

Stone Mountain Craft Works – Vendor

We make herbal tinctures, tonics and tea blends to support well-being. We use only organic ingredients in all or our products, many of which we grow or wildcraft ourselves on our farm in Stone Mountain, GA called The Funny Farm. We also sell crystal and mineral specimens from all over the world.

The Spiral Oak Grove – Vendor

The Spiral Oak Grove is a knowledge thirsty and eager to learn community of like minded individuals. The Grove focuses on Pagan history, lore, the Craft, Fae, Divination, Magick, Spells, and more. We are currently open to anyone who wishes to learn or practice with us.

Dan Donaldson, Broom Maker – Vendor

Handmade corn brooms & besoms; functional, decorative and ceremonial.

Rhythm Healer Drums – Vendor

Rhythm Healer Drums offers medium size djembes from Ghana West Africa and locally crafted ashikos. We also offer tribal dancing accessories that are sure to compliment any outfit. Be sure to check out some hand made rune sets as well.

The Norse Shop – Vendor

Wanda and other stuff

Charming Bear Gifts – Vendor

We have a ton of items that will satisfy anyone.  We sell handmade leather embossed journals in two different sizes and with multiple designs and colors.  We have a ton of wiccan/pagan/celtic style sterling silver jewelry, pendulums, incense bottles, canvas prints, etc.  Can’t wait to see ya!

Willow Dragonstone Community & Coven, Inc. – Vendor

WDSC, a non profit holds it’s annual fundraiser at PPD. We offer hand made items from community members. Dream Catchers hand crafted by an Ojibwa Native, bolines & athames by Tony Crabtree, custom leather bracelets and other goods, spell crafting goods, soap to poppets & higher quality crafts.

Gryphon’s Moon – Vendor

We offer sterling silver and bronze jewelry, pagan cross stitch patterns, greeting cards, t-shirts, candles, crystals, and more. To get a better idea of what we offer, you can check out our website at:

CUUPS Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans – Gwinnett – Informational Table

UUCG at 12 Bethesda Church Rd.  in Lawrenceville provides 5 or more activities per month including  Rituals, workshops, Spiritual Practices, potlucks, crafts, Spiral Scouts, and New Moon Women’s Circle.

EnergyWeaver – Vendor

Once again Lee and the Karens will bring beautiful affordable crystal jewelry as well as rocks of all types you’ve come to expect : hard working rocks you’re familiar with as well as some unique crystals for you to experience. Lee will also be bringing Shungite in many forms and of course Moldavite!

The Happy Empath “energetic jewelry and gifts” – Vendor

The Happy Empath creates quality handmade Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry, Tiaras, Tree sculpture, Alter peices, Wands and Home decor. Each piece is cleansed and charged to promote healing, protection and balanced well being. Blessed Be!!

Grove of the Red Earth, ADF – Informational Table

Local affiliate of Ar nDraiocht Fein, we offer open-to-the-public worship of the Nature Spirits, Ancestors, and Gods of the ancient Indo-European cultures. We are a family-friendly religion, and are always open to visitors as well as new members.

Shadow Mongrel Arts – Vendor

The art created is an array and nature and fantasy pieces; drawn, inked, and painted. Animal skulls from deer and coyotes to ermine and turtles are painted, carved, or dyed and other bones and stones are used to create unique jewelry pieces.

Carioca Witch – Vendor

I create, hand-embroidered and hand-sewn pagan items in felt: deity dolls from various pantheons, runes sets, familiar dolls, Yule and Samhain/Halloween ornaments, dream pillows, keyrings… All with a generous pinch of correspondent herbs in the stuffing. I also love creating items from the sci-fi/fantasy universe.



Black Moon Lilith Coven – Vendor

Black Moon Lilith Coven is a safe haven for witches of all kinds. Explore the magic of our hand sewn herbal pouches, hand painted artwork from our Coven leader and creator, Trini Quinn, commission custom spell jars, and even pop in for a tarot reading!

Wilde Autumn Apothecary – Vendor

Esthetician & training herbalist, Wilde Autumn specializes in creating vegan products for beauty & wellness. Everything we make is geared towards healing the skin & body with only plant based ingredients, cruelty free! We also offer candles, herb packs, & oils for rituals & other magic workings.

Temperance Tarot – Reader

Tarot Readings

Silver Willow Grove – Vendor

Silver Willow Grove is a Pagan Community and Coven. We started in January of 2017 and will be selling all handcrafted items to support our community and coven. Our members will be selling various witchcraft items such as poppets, dream pillows, smudge sticks, witch balls, witch ladders, bath salts, and even salves! We are also putting together a unique Pagan calendar that will highlight our Grove interests and talents. We also have one member who will be doing tarot readings to raise funds for future Grove events.

McShawns Gem Works – Vendor

We are a husband and wife team that hand cut our own stones to make an unique line of traditional and non traditional jewelry. Some of our stones are locally sourced too.