Harvest Ritual – The Grove of the Red Earth, ADF

We will be honoring harvest goddess of the three different cultures embraced by the grove. We will be giving worship to harvest goddesses from the Celtic, Greek, and Norse pantheons. The ritual consists of giving offerings to the deities invited to join us, as well as to each person’s individual gods and goddesses. Everyone is invited to attend and take part. Our rituals are very participatory, with each person free to be as involved as suits individual preference. The grove will provide materials for offerings available to be used by all.

Dream Interpretation – Lady Morrigu, House of Ravenwood

You dream, but do you know why or what it means? Would you like to learn how to use those dreams as a tool for self-discovery? Then you will want to come join us for this introductory class that looks at the different types of dreams. See how they can solve everyday problems and be a source of creativity. See how they can help you with health or emotional issues and accomplish your goals. In the workshop, we discuss what dreams are and how to work with them. We will learn how to promote vivid dreams, how to better remember them, and tips on how to record them. And, of course, we’ll give you the tools so that you can know what mean and put them to productive use.

Lady Morrigu has been a Craft Practitioner for over two decades in the Atlanta area. She is a Second Degree initiate of Ravenwood. Her primary field of study has been Irish Reconstructionism

Advice to Seekers – Lady Maia, House of Ravenwood

Are you new to world of Paganism/Wicca?  Wondering how this all works and how to find a spiritual home?  This class is geared to assist new folks in understanding how the community works and how to go about searching for a  teacher.  Guidance is given on things to look for and what to watch out for when  looking for a ‘Spiritual Home’.  There are also recommendations  and local resources  given to give the attendees a few places to look.

Lady Maia has been involved in Traditional Craft for over 27 years.  She is the High Priestess of Ravenwood Church and has helped guide many upon the path to discovery of teacher, themselves and the Goddess. Her personal interests are in Magical Herbalism, Reiki, and  researching the roots of the craft.

Mandala Stone Painting – Candace Harris

This will be hands on on class where you will be able to make your own pagan tool (a mandala stone).  Supplies will be provided.

Candace is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner in the Atlanta area.

Ar nDraiocht Fein & Druid Ritual Structure – Grove of the Red Earth (ADF)

This class is to show the structure and function of an ADF Druidic ritual. It will demonstrate the ritual order and the differences between ADF Druidry and other Pagan paths.

James is a founding member of the local ADF grove, and Senior Druid of the grove. He leads High Day rituals for the grove, and other rituals as requested or needed.

Mindless Meditation – Kieran Nightstar

this is a class that focuses on the “failures” of meditation (trying to empty your mind, being completely still, and others that make people feel they “suck” at meditation). Instead, in this class, those concerns are faced, and I explain why meditation isn’t about emptying your mind, and teach others that they do not “suck” at meditation. The classes is ended with a fun, active, guided meditation.

Kieran Nightstar, also know as The Tattooed Pagan Mom, is a Wiccan High Priestess and Reiki Master/Teacher. She has been on the Path of the Goddess for over 25 years, and focuses on health & wellness for both the mind, body, and spirit. Kieran is also a known artisan of handmade incense, oils, and other brews for spiritual and physical healing, and is a blogger, healer, and spiritual guide who has had her work printed in Green Egg e zine. Not your average healer, Kieran focuses on “taking ownership of your path” and “embracing your shadow self”. Honest and unfiltered, Kieran works with others to encourage them to find the balance between the dark and the light.

Wands – Gypsy Teague

Because one simply does not serve soup with a butter knife. Therefore having just one wand and expecting it to do everything is over simplification.

The Patchwork Quilt: Diversity and Inclusion in the Pagan Community – Evan Barton and Sarah Amis

Since the 1950s the English-speaking world has developed a renewed interest in practicing ancient, pre-Christian spiritual traditions. Though many of these traditions are new, they often draw inspiration from mythology, folklore, and the Western Mystery Tradition. Now, “Neo-Pagan” faiths are practiced throughout Europe, the Americas, and Australasia. During this class, we will discuss the history of modern Paganism, providing a context for exploring how race, ethnicity and ancestry complicate ideas of Pagan “inclusion” and whether groups often seen as “non-Western” or with origins in non-Western parts of the world have a role within the modern Pagan community.

Spells and Charms Writing – Sarah Amis

Learn to write better spells, charms and liturgy using traditional models and poetry writing techniques.

Sara Amis is a published poet who teaches writing at UGA.

Goddess Dance for All People of All Ages – Crystal

Come and enjoy this fun interactive dance.  All people welcome!