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We are so close I can taste it! Atlanta PPD is this Saturday (24th) and we are predicting wonderful weather, amazing entertainers and class presenters, a fantastic collaborative ritual, dazzling vendors, tasty treats and lots, and lots of good people to meet!

A few things to remember:
Remember cans for the Atlanta food bank, Pet food also accepted.

Marta is Smarta, carpooling is great, and please park at the Thankful Baptist Church lot across the street if you are not movement impaired or otherwise in dire need of a nearer spot. Our parking is limited and so your parking consideration could allow someone to participate who otherwise might not be able to. We will have some signs directing you to the Thankful BC lot. Remember that the entrance nearest the meeting house will be blocked, even for handicap parking traffic. those who need handicap or near parking, please enter and exit at the far end of the lot, or follow our signs for street parking. We have a parking permit variance from the city.

I look forward to seeing you!

Lady Arden

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Okay, so we reserve the right to make some adjustments, but here is the schedule of the main events for Atlanta Pagan Pride Day 2015.  Also, please keep in mind that some details are will be coming out through the week.  We are working on adding in a few small kid friendly activities.  We will also be sharing more information about the ritual this week, as a teaser I will say that there will be diverse components coming together in this year’s harvest celebration.

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With just over 2.5 weeks to go before Atlanta Pagan Pride Day, there are still a lot of people who do not know about Atlanta Pagan Pride. So Atlanta, we need your help to spread the word to those you know, and those that they know, so no Pagan folks feel left out or unrepresented!!! You can help by sharing posts, or by printing a few flyers and taking them to your local book stores, coffee houses, dorm commons, grocery stores, or other hang out spots. We have several choices so pick your favorite poster, print it out, and spread the word. Invite your friends to our event, encourage them to bring cans for the food drive

What we have so far:

We have some great entertainment – Arthur Hinds and Spiral Rhythm

8 workshops and one Reading by the Author

A Harvest Ritual

Over 40 Vendors and Informational Booths

A Food Drive to Share the Harvest

Lots of opportunities to meet new folks

Download (PDF, 236KB)

Atlanta PPD Ad

Download (PDF, 583KB)

Download (PDF, 824KB)

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